Centrally located storage facility in Rochester, MN offering mini storage and self storage rental solutions.  We also offer short term storage rentals.

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This just in: Locally owned, self-storage facility has what it takes to save you time and free up space in your home, garage, or yard! Literally.

Conveniently located at 35 11th Ave NE in Rochester, Extra Attic Storage is a public storage facility that offers both month-to- month AND long-term storage solutions for you, your family, and your business.

Storage units come in three sizes:

10 x 20 (200 sq. ft.) 10 x 24 (240 sq. ft.) 12 x 29 (348 sq. ft.)

Accessing your storage unit is safe and easy. You get 24-hour access and keyless gate entry. Lighting is plentiful, and you can drive straight up to your storage space on black top.

Don’t worry though – your snow blowers, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, ladders, and the awful gifts your mother-in- law insists you keep are all safe and secure thanks to a digital surveillance system and very high (very sharp) barbed-wire fence.

Call 507-258- 5344 for pricing, or to reserve your self-storage solution today!

Not convinced? To make sure we’re on the same page, we’ve come up with the Top 5

Reasons You NEED to Take Advantage of a Storage Unit from Extra Attic Storage.

  1. Never park outside again.
    Stop waging war over who gets to park in the single, coveted garage stall. Store a few items with us and never lose that battle again (because let’s face it…somehow you always lose that battle.)
  2. Reduce marital spats.
    Ladies, let him come home with a few more “garage sale finds.” You’ll have plenty of space to store them with Extra Attic Storage. (Although, we can’t guarantee he won’t retaliate by moving your entire Holiday decoration collection there as well…)
  3. Say goodbye to shin pain.
    No matter where you store it, clutter is always a tripping hazard. Save your shins (and your dignity) by moving the items you don’t use into a secure storage unit off of your typical walking paths.
  4. Eliminate the honey-do list.
    Or at least significantly reduce it. Think about it…the lawn is clear, the garage is clean, and the basement has been reduced to a few shelves of keepsakes. What else could she possibly ask you to do?
  5. Attract envy from all of your neighbors.
    Your garage, basement, and yard will appear to be extremely clean once you remove all of the large and bulky items you hang on to year round. No unsightly storage pods blocking the driveway, and no equipment “decorating” your lawn.

Rules and Regulations

With great space comes great responsibility…or at least great disclosures. Here’s ours:

  • You must provide your own insurance. Extra Attic Storage does not insure the items inside your storage unit.
  • Extra Attic Storage is not responsible for loss or damage to the contents of your space.
  • Do not store flammable or hazardous items in your storage unit. It’s illegal.
  • Do not store perishable food in your storage unit. It might attract rodents. (Seriously).